Introducing @Silky_Finance

💠 Silky Finance is an all-in-one DeFi protocol operating on @ZKsync, offering a range of products to address liquidity requirements for diverse projects. The mission of Silky Finance is to empower interchain innovation and DeFi excellence.


➜ SWAP / BRIDGE : This product provides :

➠Seamless Asset Exchange
➠ Enhanced Liquidity and Market Access: 
➠ Reduced Costs and Lower Fees: 
➠ Bridge Between Blockchain Networks: 
➠Interoperability and Efficiency:

➜ STAKE FARM SILKY FINANCE : This product Empowers Users to Earn Passive Income and Participate in Decentralized Staking. 
It has some amazing benefits like; 

➠ Participating in Decentralized Staking
➠Earning Passive Income
➠Supporting Network Security and Consensus
➠Reducing Volatility and Risks
➠Decentralization and Security

➜ LAUNCHPAD : Silky Finance launchpad has several features that make it an attractive platform for launching new projects and participating in token sales.

It's provides;

➠Low Transaction Fees
➠Fast transaction speed
➠High scalability
➠User-friendly interface
➠Secure platform
➠Access to high-quality projects


➜ $SKY serves as the utility and governance token of Silky Finance , providing holders with both benefits and governance rights within the project.

$SKY Token
Contract address: 0xA9a026d3dAA909563a2541EbC64Ae44c61b76d8d

Total amount of $SKY: 1 billion
30% Mint
20% Trader Incentive
15% Agriculture
18% to Liquidity 
9% to Marketing & Airdrop,Reserves 
8% to Team, 6 month cliff, 30 month linear vesting.