tropical honeymoon

by Verity Lane on 10 Januari 2023

Story time (thread):
 I got married last Saturday, and my bride and I are currently on our honeymoon, which is a Carnival cruise.

However, Tropical Storm Barry has made things interesting.

The port that we sailed from and were supposed to arrive back at tomorrow morning is closed...

....with no timetable of when it’s opening back up.

Also, the waters are ROUGH right now.

(Yes, we have already made plenty of “if the boat’s a’rockin’...” jokes) 

But really, you know that feeling when you top a steep hill in a car and you “lose your stomach”, so to speak?

It’s like that, except it doesn’t end.

At this point, it’s hard to tell who’s drunk vs. who’s just bumping into things because the boat’s rocking so much.

Mad respect to those guys on @DeadliestCatch, btw.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the movie Titanic?

Latest update from the ship captain: have extra clothes with you “just in case”.


Annnnnd plates and glasses just slid off of everyone’s tables at dinner and shattered everywhere.

But the show must go on, am I right

We left dinner to go walk (stumble) around. Here’s the pool on the lido deck. Pouring out from side to side on the rest of the deck.

For some reason a bunch of people are sleeping on the couches in the lobby...?

Idk, don’t quite understand that move.

Originally scheduled to port at 8am. It’s now 10:15am, and the ship is just completely stopped in the middle of the ocean. 

The entertainment staff is “busy preparing a full day of fun activities”. 

We could be here for a while.

What has potential to get interesting now is that Carnival already has our luggage.

I kept my toothbrush on me though though because bad breath’s not getting this guy. No, sir. Not today.

The only conversations going on between everyone now is their lack of money and clean underwear.


Aw yeah, karaoke! 

Lemons into lemonade, my friends

Guess who’s getting a completely unplanned and slightly inconvenient extended stay! #Barry

After an additional 30 unexpected hours, the saga has come to an end. We are finally on land again.

Could’ve been worse I suppose but was definitely an adventure nonetheless.

Now, onward to Starkville to see this face.


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