36 cal protein pancake recipe

36 cal protein pancake recipe


- 50g protein powder (i use PHD salted caramel) 
- 150ml almond milk (almond br33ze)
- 2 egg whites
- a pinch of salt
- 50ml water
- maple syrup/ honey/ choc sauce (optional)


put the egg whites, salt and protein powder in a medium bowl and combine

pour in the almond milk and whisk until thick but smooth

add the water and whisk again, there should be no lumps and the mixture should be liquidy and smooth

(at this point i like to transfer my mixture to a jar or container so i can pour out the accurate amount for each pancake)

heat up your pan to a medium heat and spray fryl1ght or another low cal cooking spray onto the pan

use a tablespoon to put 2 1/2 tbsp of the mixture into the pan and quickly spread out with the back of the spoon (this makes the pancake bigger !)

heat for 1-2 minutes and flip, heating it for another minute and serve

add a topping (usually 5g worth) and enjoy !!


the higher the heat the fluffier the pancake, when it cooks slower its more like a crepe

make sure to put the leftover mixture in the fridge, if the next day its a little thicker than before add a further 25ml water and shake/stir, this wont effect the flavour