The Top 10 Things I've Learned (so far)

by Verity on 07 Maret 2021

The Top 10 Things I've Learned (so far)

I've been wanting to join the ranks of teacher blogging. I am far from an expert, but I have been finding such fabulous resources from all of you that I thought I should at least participate and be a "team player!" ;)

What better way to begin than link into Jennifer at Rowdy in First's party of the Top 10 Things I've learned about teaching. I've only been doing this on my own since October, but whether it's your first year or fifth I think we all have our things we learn - here goes:

1. There will come a day when a certain combination of students are absent and you realize how much calmer and relaxing your day has been. Cherish it.

2. My desk may never EVER be clean at the end of the day, no matter how clean it starts out or how many times I clean it throughout the day.

3. I don't believe that posters or signs are meant to actually stay up on the walls of a trailer.

4. You shouldn't say you have never had a kid miss the bus or you haven't had a kid have an accident this year. Inevitably within that week they will either miss the bus or have an accident. I have jinxed myself on both.

5. How you treat your students should be a reflection of how you want them to treat others. We live in the real word and it's not always kind, but being kind and polite will take you a lot farther in life. Don't be afraid to tell them that.

6. Have your surroundings reflect you as a person, and teach them how to treat both your things and theirs. Organization and Respect for belongings are so important in the learning process

7. Be kind to the people on your grade-level. Keep your mouth closed, eyes and ears open. Come to do your job. Have some people you can eat with and talk to. They are who will get you through - sometimes each day, or the week, but we see them more than anyone. Respect them.

8. Accept that you are not perfect. Paperwork may slide through, something may not have gotten sent home, or a lesson might not have gone how you wanted it to, but at the end of the day if your students are happy, healthy, have learned something, and want to come back the next day you have done your job well.

9. You will move your kids' desks around more than 15 times throughout the year and they will still talk. And then if you move one, you have to move them all because this one can't be near that one and those two pick on each other, and she copies her paper, and oh my goodness it just never ends.

10. Be thankful to the coworkers who teach you that sometimes you just have to learn to walk out of the door at 3:15 - the work is not going anywhere and it will be there tomorrow. I do not have to stay until 6:00. It took me until March to learn this, but I love walking out of the door with my girls.

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